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Payroll360 EN

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Why choose payroll360 services?

Why choose payroll360 services? 


We are a company with many years of experience in HR and payroll and employment outsourcing. The implemented information security management system allows us to meet the highest standards of protection of your data. To ensure efficient service of your company, we use the latest technology, including ERP system enova365. Our priority is effective communication that provides our Clients with comfort of service.


Experienced employees

At payroll360, HR and payroll and employment outsourcing services are provided by a qualified team of specialists. Nearly 90% of our employees have more than 10 years of experience in the HR service industry. Our experience is a guarantee of our services!


Data security

The security policy adopted by payroll360 in the area of HR and payroll services consists, in particular, in complying with the procedures of the international standard ISO 27001. It allows us to provide our Clients with full protection and confidentiality of the processed data.


Modern solutions

Payroll360 is modern IT solutions in the area of HR and payroll outsourcing services. We use enova365 system, the latest generation of ERP software, whose remote desktops provide both employees and managerial staff with on-line access to HR and payroll data.


Continuity of HR and payroll services

The high quality services provided by payroll360 in accordance with ISO standards ensure continuity of HR and payroll services for your company. The applied solutions provide access to on-line data on a 24/7 basis. Additionally, each Client is served by a dedicated team of specialists, which guarantees continuity of service and efficiency of communication.


Service cost savings

By optimising the HR and payroll service processes in payroll360 we are able to reduce the cost of HR and payroll administration by up to 20%.


Taking over the service of inspections and audits

As part of our outsourcing service, payroll360 takes over the responsibilities connected with service of inspections and audits carried out by the Social Insurance Institution, the State Labour Inspectorate and the Tax Office. At the Client’s request, inspections and audits can be carried out in the registered office of payroll360 to provide comfort of work in your company.

What distinguishes us?

What distinguishes us?



Our team consists mostly of experts and senior specialists in the field of HR and payroll outsourcing and HR services. We monitor on an ongoing basis any amendments to the labour law, social security law and tax law. Serving the employment of several thousand people on a daily basis is what allows us to permanently improve our qualifications. Our knowledge is your peace of mind.

 Efficiency/flexibility of operations

Since we know very well that time is important in the work of an entrepreneur, we respond to all inquiries without undue delay. We are also aware that each company has its own specificity and sometimes requires an unconventional approach; therefore, we adjust our activities to each Client individually.


Communication is the area indicated by our Clients as the most common reason for leaving their previous service providers. Therefore, in order to ensure effective communication, we will assign you a dedicated specialist with an alternate. Additionally, you will also receive a personalised e-mail address and phone number for consultation and inquiries. Order submission and performance are monitored in a ticketing system that helps us to effectively manage your service

 High standards of services

We set the bar high for ourselves. Our activities are regularly audited by independent, international institutions. We have  that confirms compliance with the highest ISO standards in terms of service quality and security of processed information.


What services are offered by payroll360?

What services are offered by payroll360?

Payroll360 offers a wide range of HR and payroll outsourcing and employment outsourcing services.

Learn more about what we can offer you.



HR and payroll outsourcing

Full HR and payroll services, which include payroll calculation, HR administration, payroll administration, HR audit, documentation archiving, inspection and audit services.

We provide services in this area to companies employing at least 50 employees.


Employment outsourcing

Full service of employment of employees delegated to work for our Clients. A service that offers the flexibility to shape the size of your employment according to your current needs.


Electronic records

Service allowing to digitise and gain access to an electronic archive of employee records.


Service of Employee Capital Plans

Assistance in selecting a financial institution, calculating contributions to Employee Capital Plans and maintaining related documentation.




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